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Saturday, November 25, 2017

PIDA protects Government of Saskatchewan employees who make a disclosure of wrongdoing in good faith, that occurred in their workplace.

What is a “wrongdoing”?
PIDA defines wrongdoing as:
•    contraventions of any federal or provincial legislation;

•    acts or omissions that create substantial and specific danger to life, health, safety or the environment;

•    gross mismanagement of public funds or a public asset; and

•    knowingly directing or counselling someone to commit a wrongdoing of these kinds.

How do I disclose a wrongdoing and what happens after a disclosure?
Contact the designated officer in your organization or the Provincial Interest Disclosure (PID) Commissioner.  Contacting them is confidential!  Either body is able to provide advice and can offer additional information about the process.  They will determine if a disclosure falls under the Act and if further investigation is required.  If wrongdoing is found, they will conduct an investigation and make recommendations to the permanent head on how best to resolve it.

How does PIDA protect me?
PIDA protects you from a reprisal if in good faith, you sought advice about making a disclosure, made a disclosure, cooperated in a PIDA investigation, or declined to participate in a suspected wrongdoing.

A reprisal is any measure that adversely affects the public servant’s employment or working conditions (e.g. a dismissal, layoff, suspension, demotion or transfer, discontinuation or elimination of a job, change of a job location, reduction in wages, change in hours of work or reprimand), as well as a threat to take any of the measures mentioned above.

How do I make a complaint of reprisal?
If you believe a reprisal has been made against you, contact the PID Commissioner’s office as soon as possible to submit a Complaint of Reprisal form.  Only the Commissioner can process complaints of reprisal.  Each case will be managed individually and reprisal matters may be a subject to a $10,000 fine.

Below is a list of useful links and resources that may assist you in learning more about PIDA or the disclosure of wrongdoing process:

Learn more about PIDA and the options available to employees who may wish to make a complaint.

You can find posters, brochures, fact sheets and other useful information developed by the PID Commissioner's office.

This 15-minute training module offers an overview of PIDA, Saskatchewan’s whistleblower legislation.  The module was developed to inform public service employees how the legislation works.

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