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Saturday, November 25, 2017

The PIDA Designated Officer’s Toolkit was developed to provide the officers with visual aids and pertinent tools in order to perform their role.  The tools strengthen consistency in logging and reporting inquiries, disclosures, investigations and recommendations.  The Toolkit consists of:

PIDA requires all permanent heads to have procedures in place on how to proceed with a disclosure.  Subsection 6(2) of the Act outlines these procedures.  Designated officers are welcome to adopt the procedures into their own organization, make changes as required or utilize the document as a framework in which to build their own procedures.

The flow chart assists PID officers in determining whether or not a disclosure may fit into the parameters outlined under the Act.

The graph contains a list of six things to consider while determining if a wrongdoing is a gross mismanagement of public funds or assets.

The flow chart follows the 6-Step Guide in assessing a disclosure.  Once a PID officer has determined an investigation is necessary, this tool offers a step by step guide to assist that process.

The material outlines the five main principles the designated officers will follow while investigating.

The log book reporting template provides PID officers a visual to identify items they should keep track of during the course of their role.  The tool offers an added benefit for reporting details into the Public Service Commission for annual reporting purposes.

This document offers an overview of the contents you may wish to include during the course of an investigation.

Additional resources are available at the PID Commissioner’s web-site.

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